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Earn a 20% recurring commission for 12 months on every new paying customer you send our way.

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The many benefits of being a Comeet Affiliate

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An inclusive affiliate program

The Affiliate Program is open to everyone. Whether you’re a recruiting agency, HR consultant, or just a fan of Comeet, bring additional value to your product or service offering with Comeet.

Growing commission

Earn a 20% commission for 12 months with any customers you refer to Comeet. If any customers you refer upgrade their account to a higher tier plan, you’ll receive commission on the updated cost.

Get paid on time, every time

With Comeet you won’t have to chase down your referral payments. Get paid out on every referred customer that has an active Comeet account. Payouts are sent on a quarterly basis.

Collateral that enables sales

All Comeet Affiliate get access to affiliate-specific marketing assets to use in campaigns. Additionally, our team’s got your back and is happy to provide assistance with any product, billing, or marketing questions you may have.

The best Affiliate Program for companies, HR consultants and industry influencers

All potential affiliates must meet minimum approval criteria. Once you apply, your application will be reviewed. After review, you will be notified of your approval status. Note: professional services are not calculated in referral payouts.

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“All the tools, features, and functionality to bring your teams together and keep them effectively and efficiently connected. Whatever their role, Comeet will help them do it better.”

“I started using the Comeet platform to help us keep the hiring process in one place. With Comeet, it’s easy to stay notified, it’s easy to follow a schedule, it’s easy to get the feedback I need so I can make a go or no-go decision more quickly. “

Jon Shepherd Vice President of Enterprise Sales

“We depend on Comeet as the central nervous system for our recruiting teams globally.”

Michal Lubovsky Global Recruitment Mgr

“I use Comeet every day to manage our entire recruiting process. They’ve automated many manual tasks and added a lot of nice, thoughtful features. Despite all the functionality, ease of use is basically off the charts. It takes about five minutes for new users to become comfortable. Seriously!”

Viki Halper HR Manager

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