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Comeet makes it easier to source, recruit and hire talent for a fast-growing business. Get on-demand access to world-class sourcing and recruiting.

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The Comeet Platform

Collaborative Applicant Tracking System, Sourcing, and Recruiting.

The Comeet platform gives you everything you need to quickly source, interview, and hire candidates. It's easy to manage your entire hiring process in one place with the tools and features important to HR, hiring managers, and recruiters.

A fully integrated platform that features

Built-in calendar, workflows, reporting, intuitive collaboration tools, talent snapshot

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Elastic Sourcing

Turn Sourcing On or Off

Comeet makes recruiting on-demand easy. Grow your talent pipeline as needed and discover new talent with increased efficiency. We’ll source and deliver talent to your team.

Qualified Talent Fast

Need more candidates? Comeet can scale to your sourcing and recruiting needs. Source, review, and engage all the candidates you might need on-demand with no long-term commitments.

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Elastic Recruiting

Bring it all together with the complete end-to-end hiring platform. Comeet is the complete package - dedicated recruiter, combines all services together, true end-to-end complete solution.

If your company needs to scale its hiring up, back down, or temporarily pause it all together, Comeets flexible plans enable you to only pay for what you need.

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"Comeet provides talent acquisition and screening services. To date, they have excelled on both fronts. Comeet sources excellent candidates, facilitates the hiring process and closes the deal with several Director-level and individual contributor engineer roles.

“When we were searching for a recruitment platform, our priorities were speed, ease of use, social network intergration, accuracy and speed of information search and retrieval within our database. We got all of this with Comeet.”

Leslie Winslow HR Recruiter
Comeet Platform Client

"Comeet made recruiting transparent to all, and managers are more involved in the process. Keep up the amazing work!"

Rakia Offer Recruiter
Comeet Platform Client

I use Comeet every day to manage our entire recruiting process. - ease of use is basically off the charts. It takes about five minutes for new users to become comfortable. Seriously!

Viki Halper HR Manager


The Comeet Platform

Applicant Tracking System
Client Success Manager
On-Demand Recruitment
Starting at $300/month (w/Incentives)
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Comeet Platform +
Dedicated Recruiting Resources
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Comeet Platform +
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How does an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) work?
An applicant tracking system, or ATS, helps you centralize the hiring cycle in an easy-to-use dashboard. With Comeet, you can manage multiple open positions, track applicants and move them through the process, schedule candidate interviews and follow-ups, including feedback, interview notes, and improve the hiring process with personalized reports. The Comeet platform also adds a built-in candidate sourcing and scalable recruiting service options.
What kind of companies use Comeet?
Comeet works for small start-ups all the way up to large international enterprise businesses.
Can the ATS and services be customized?
Yes. Comeet is a customizable hiring platform. Create custom workflows and approvals, easily modify the hiring process, access permissions, notifications, and email templates. Not to mention built-in Zoom and Linkedin integrations - your favorite HR tool may already integrate with Comeet.
How much does Comeet cost?
Comeet has different package plans that allow you to choose the best solution for your needs. Click here to get a quote.
Which apps does Comeet integrate with?
Comeet integrates with multiple HR tools that help you promote your openings. Our integrations include different job boards, sourcing tools, calendars, assessment services, HRIS and onboarding, background checks, and more. You can find a complete list of partners & integrations here.

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