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The end-to-end hiring platform

Comeet brings it all together.

ATS tech, on-demand candidate sourcing, and recruiting that scale to meet your exact hiring needs - all in one place.

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Attract and hire the best talent fast

Hire smarter and faster with a system that doesn't just screen potential employees but also helps you find them

All the features you expect, along with a built-in candidate pipeline and our Talent Snapshot market insight reporting function.

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Comeet lets you move beyond the spreadsheet

Created to help fast-growing businesses make better informed and collaborative hiring decisions. We bring together tech and built-in sourcing so that you can focus on the right candidates, not filtering resumes or dealing with spreadsheets.

Our dedicated team is there to support you both on the platform and with sourcing every step of the way.

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The Comeet Platform is a modern ATS with a built-in candidate pipeline.

Built-in candidate sourcing, workflow automation, sophisticated candidate experience and reports & tailored insights specific to the needs of hiring teams and recruiters.

Source and screen candidates
Coordinate with hiring teams effiectly
Provide offers and onboarding

Hiring made easy. Grow your talent on demand.

Comeet solutions are configurable to your business's needs and quickly generate ROI. We deliver scalable solutions that balance your need for agility with the features important to HR, hiring managers, and recruiters.

Comeet is reshaping the way companies find and hire talent. By delivering built-in sourcing, we help businesses create winning teams.

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Hiring Process Automation

Automation helps reinforce transparency, and speed up your hiring process while ensuring an excellent candidate experience
  • Customizable workflows down to the individual job and candidate level
  • Change the interview process on the fly or specific to certain roles

Candidate experience

Recruiters, hr teams and candidates can expect consistency at every touch point
  • Built-in video interviewing.
  • E-signatures
  • Branded job boards

Find what you need fast.

Intuitive user interface and dashboards, customizable workflows and candidate hiring experience
  • Reporting Portal: insights at your fingertips with basic reporting built-in and the ability for enterprise-grade custom reports that are easy to see and understand in real-time.


I use Comeet every day to manage our entire recruiting process. - ease of use is basically off the charts. It takes about five minutes for new users to become comfortable. Seriously!

“All the tools, features, and functionality to bring your teams together and keep them effectively and efficiently connected. Whatever their role, Comeet will help them do it better.”

Karl Mattson CISO

"I started using the Comeet platform to help us keep the hiring process in one place. With Comeet, it’s easy to stay notified, it’s easy to follow a schedule, it’s easy to get the feedback I need so I can make a go or no-go decision more quickly."

Jon Shepard Vice President of Enterprise Sales

"I’m the hiring manager from our systems viewpoint. I get the hiring information into the system, I help smooth out processes from start to finish. The workflows I’ve set up in Comeet are front and center, they’re seamless. Everyone’s workflow is consistent."

Julie Harvey Head of Operations & Talent
GOIN Technology

Bring it all together and start recruiting smarter and faster.

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